Hi. Clearly I need a new website! Can you help me?

My requirements: 

- It must be on Squarespace so that I can update it. My current one is on Wix.

- I'm super busy and work a ton of hours, so I need your help with assigning deadlines with me. I.e. I need your top 15 images from your photoshoots by next Wednesday.

- I want the site easy to understand what I do because I do a lot of things (CreativeDirection: which also entails fashion design, textile design and marketing) and not quite sure how to show it all without it being confusing. 

- But I also want it to be different, the site can't be too basic or "normal", I need some creativity behind it.

- Currently, I hid a lot of pages of content on this site because it just looks bad, but you will have tons of content to work with.



$500 BASE + hourly rate, but send me your pitch and rate. And send your website or reference of what sites you have created. mallycemiller@gmail.com

This is me -> @mallyce

My creative vision and work for the last 7+ years is shown in the design and imagery here: jolyn.com

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